Brooches. An elegant piece of jewelry for the dresses.

Brooches. They’ve been around since the early beginnings of time. Often considered the “oldest type of jewelry,” you may have thought brooches were an extinct accessory that was only worn by ancient royalty – and you may have been right – until now. This season brooches are making a comeback. Brooches offer a vintage feel. […]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Knot … The New Everlon Diamond Knot Jewelry

I love this new jewelry style! It’s going on my Wish List for the Holidays…. Each piece (including rings, pendants, and stud earrings) features a symbolic knot held together by the strength of a diamond. Why you ask? It’s the strength of love forged in a knot. Now tell me … isn’t that romantic! I […]

Definitely Somthing Borrowed … Bridal Diamond Jewelry Rental

Something Borrowed, Something New. I know where you can find Diamond Rental Jewelry! Everyday, more brides are discovering the secret for looking diamond dripping gorgeous on their wedding day. They’re renting fine jewelry from Adorn Brides. Real jewelry, real diamonds, pearls and gold all at an affordable price, and many times costing much less than […]

Table Top Cake Tables. Unique. Elegant. Gorgeous.

After month and months of deciding on the flavor of the cake, what the cake will look like and what topper you will be choosing … you need to follow through and make plans for the cake table and presentation. This magnificent labor of love should be placed in such a way that all eyes […]

Bouquet Jewelry .. Add a little bling to your flowers

Spice up your bridal bouquets with some bling. The newest trends for floral bouquets is bouquet jewelry. When you add “just enough” not too much it is gorgeous (not tacky). It adds to the flowers and adds a little shimmer. It’s not expensive, and can make your bouquet unique in it’s own right. Here are […]

The Compliant Wedding Coupling …

Etsy has to be one of the most unique websites in the Universe. Amazing how many craft people are out there. Found … Unique Wedding Rings: From Jana Brevack – A wedding set for the unconventional! The female ring has a choice of five opaque colors: turquoise, white, golden yellow, orange or black. The male […]

Say I Do With Your Shoes : )

Here are two absolutely adorable yet classy items to make your wedding personal. The “I DO” for shoes and the Thank you Necktie. Let me know what you think? I DO for Shoes. This is so cute and under $4.00. Makes agreat picture. Having trouble finding something blue? Well, not anymore. This brilliant rhinestone appliqué […]

Carrie On. Have a Sex and The City Themed Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette party … so many ways to celebrate. So many ways to spend money and act out. But, if you want to save money, your best deal is to stay at home and play some bachelorette party games. Sex and the City was a show that is a cultural phenomenon from the late 1990’s […]

Wendy Culpepper Jewelry for Brides and Charity

Looking for a great gift for the bridal attendants and perhaps yourself that can also give to charity? Here are a classic set of earrings that can be worn at your wedding and for years to come – available at Wendy called the Fire Drop 14K Gold Vermeil Earrings. She offers free shipping on […]

For Luck : ) Bride’s Lucky Sixpence

Looking for a special gift for the bride?  How about a Lucky Sixpence?  One you don’t have wear in your shoes …  For hundreds of years brides have worn a sixpence coin in their shoe to bless their marriage with wealth and prosperity. This pendant puts a new spin on the tradition and allows you […]